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 MIO has over 15 years of experience around the UK DJ scene and a true passion for club music.  Starting out on Vinyl he then moved to CDs and now plays using Rekordbox DJ USB and Serato DJ Pro in keeping with the times.


As a DJ, Mio is a guaranteed crowd pleaser and loves to take the party on an energetic journey.

As a producer Mio was Educated at Confetti Studios and Take 1 Studios, both based in Nottingham, music wise he has a wealth of experience as a Producer, MC and DJ . He has also been in two Nottingham based music groups, Raw Talent and MV3. Both stints awarded him valuable experience and even brought him overseas to DJ in Falaraki, Urban Growth Tour and to the live shows of  Britain's Got Talent 2012. 


Fast forward to today and Mio is focusing on establishing his name in the House Music Scene and is signed to independent label MOM Records UK.  All in all, MIO loves music and enjoys a good party himself; he brings that vibe to all of his sets.  With recent stints in Bulgaria, Residencies and Event gigs weekly he is a busy DJ combined with his releases Mio could be one to watch in the future. ​

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